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About OES

Whether you’re in an insurance or financial service’s back office, on the manufacturing production floor, in a distribution center’s working warehouse, or a healthcare customer service center, you know that operations is the business engine that grinds—sometimes endlessly—to churn out products or provide services. It is the men and women who work behind the scenes day after day to deliver on the customer expectations that have been committed to and promised by the guys and gals in sales and marketing.

An operations veteran with over 25 years in the field, Doug Sutton, founder of Operation Excellence Services, understands the unique challenges faced by operations leaders like you. You may be:

  • Consumed with day-to-day firefighting, unable to take a step back, reflect, and understand what type of change needs to be made to achieve more predictable performance and make your operation run more effectively.
  • Seeking to totally transform your operation to support the business challenges ahead but in need of help to define your vision and develop a strategy that your organization can rally around.
  • Bouncing from improvement program to improvement program without realizing any tangible, bottom line benefits.
  • Under pressure to consolidate operations, automate manual activity, or outsource operational activities but need help to develop a strategy and a strong business case for change.
  • Struggling with a major technology initiative like ERP that had promised to deliver tremendous benefits that are now in question.

These are just some of the challenges you and your organization may be faced with today, and this is where Operations Excellence Services can help you.

Operations Excellence Services can help you grow your business, realize your goals, deliver exceptional customer value, and bolster a strategic competitive advantage by helping you improve and leverage the strength of your operation. OES can instill in you and your management team the principles that have led several multinational corporations to acclaim, success, and excellence. If you apply the keen perspectives and unique insights offered by OES, your own journey toward excellence will continue on a sustainable path long after your initial engagement with us.