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What is Operations Excellence?

Simply put, Operations Excellence is leveraging the power of your people, enacting effective process management, implementing value-add technologies, and instilling individual accountability to achieve sustainable success, all on behalf of your customer. It is the hallmark of a leader who can set a vision of excellence and then engage his or her employees to transform that vision into reality.

“Sustained success means making the greatest possible impact over the
longest period of time.”
Marcus Buckingham

The basic concepts underlying operations excellence have not changed over time, they are not cutting edge or revolutionary, and they do not deliver instantaneous gratification. They are simple, fundamental, and straightforward—and they work. In today’s hectic and challenging global business environment the most basic of things are often the easiest to lose sight of. An operation without a strong foundation of values and management principles keeps honest and earnest leaders from ever achieving true excellence. It is through knowledge, understanding, and effective implementation of the basics, that a high-performing operation can be built.

Whether your operational challenges are quick-hit needs, end-to-end process issues, or you seek to totally transform your organization, Operations Excellence Services can help you develop a change process and engage your employees so that they are eager to learn, develop professionally, and aid the organization’s continuous drive toward excellence. As an operations veteran with over 25 years in the field and author of Back to Basics: A Practitioner’s Guide to Operations Excellence, Doug Sutton has dedicated his life to helping operations such as yours achieve excellence.