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Complementary Services

Operations Excellence Services provides a broad range of advisory and supportive services to help any business leader leverage his or her operation as a strategic competitive advantage. To that end, OES has developed strategic relationships with partners who can nurture your efforts to grow your business, drive operational performance excellence, and expand your global reach. OES’ seasoned and reliable partners offer support and services in four critical disciplines: Business Process Outsourcing, Change Management, Learning and Development, and Business Intelligence Solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing

Operations executives in service-related fields like financial services, insurance, and healthcare administration are under ever-increasing pressure to consolidate operations and provide lower cost alternatives to processing, and business support activities. At the same time, global enterprises are finding more and more that they need to support their growth and expanding customer base by establishing regional service centers at home and around the world.

Shared Services is a key strategy of large global enterprises that have both regional interests and a strong desire to leverage lower cost sites—either domestically or internationally—to gain competitive advantage. Operations Excellence Services has a strong background in shared services and partners with some of the leading organizations that specialize in BPO. Whether you need simple operational analysis, assistance in the development of a location or outsourcing strategy, or a strategic partner who can support your business and facilitate long-term change, OES can bring the right experts to the table. Contact us today to start a discussion and discover your opportunities.

Change Management

While it is often overlooked, underdeveloped, or poorly executed during periods of major operational change, Operations Excellence Services holds that effective change management is integral to operational excellence. Whether you are launching a new technology, applying an innovative process improvement methodology, or going through a major reorganization, consolidation, or outsourcing of operations, effective change management is essential to your success.

The negative impact of poorly executed change management can be devastating to an organization and demoralizing to employees. Ensuring that your own operational change is carried out successfully and seamlessly requires a strong and stable game plan from the get go. In order to provide superlative change management services, OES has partnered with experts in the field who are ready to guide an operation of any size through the Plan-Do-Sustain phases of change.

Learning and Development

The power of your people is the force behind operations excellence. Because maximizing the full potential of this force means ensuring that your greatest assets have the necessary skills and competencies to support the dynamic needs of the business, ongoing learning and development are essential. Learning and development also ensure that employees know that leaders are committed to their long-term growth and development. This in turn drives employee engagement and positive business results—two natural by-products of thoroughly engaged and motivated employees.

In today’s fast-paced global business environment, learning and development must be flexible, must be able to meet dynamic business needs, and must support broad and diverse groups of employees. Operations Excellence Services’ Learning and Development partners are leaders in the field who can utilize their global reach and time-tested methodologies to educate and develop your people, providing real, measureable value.

You may require online tools and eLearning, instructor-led classroom training, or real-time operations floor instruction in and execution of Lean techniques. OES’ partners can work with you and your organizational development team to establish the right approach to meet your individual needs. By either pulling from existing libraries of learning and development modules or developing specifically focused course curriculums, standard operating procedures, job aids, or online learning systems, these acclaimed instructional designers can accommodate your precise needs—whatever they may be.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Do you know how your customers truly feel about your products and services? Do you know if your business strategies and improvement initiatives are effective, or if you should consider a new approach? Do you have a clear vision for the future of the operation? Do you even know whether your employees enjoy coming to work?

Do these questions keep you up at night?

The answers to some of the most important business questions lie in business intelligence. Operations Excellence Services holds that information and data collected by operations leaders are critical to the achievement of a business vision and the delivery of exceptional levels of performance. The capability to collect timely, consistent, and accurate information and data allows leaders, managers, and small business owners alike to make important decisions—and make them correctly. To keep your organization on the path toward excellence, you must develop both keen understanding and precise application of business intelligence.

Operations Excellence Services’ broad range of partners includes technology solution providers that specialize in business intelligence. By focusing on solutions that produce real, measurable value, OES’ partners deliver results that are both effective and quantifiable. Experienced in both simple and complex business intelligence solutions, OES and its partners can tailor the right solution for your individual business or operation. Whether your goals include data warehousing, performance reporting, dashboards, or scorecards, OES’ partners take the time to understand your needs and requirements.

Together, we can develop the solution that is right for you.