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Leadership Support

Leadership is all about the future. It’s about change, moving from where you are to a more desirable destination. Leaders create a vision for the future and then nurture an environment that instills in everyone the desire and commitment to transform that vision into reality.

As an operations leader you are always looking to increase the value that your operation delivers to your customers, and to do that you constantly have to look for new and innovative ways to increase the value your operation brings to the business. OES’ leadership support services are targeted specifically to help leaders like you establish organizational clarity, and then set the appropriate direction for sustainable, long-term success. Our services include:

Business Assessments – Building the Case for Change

You may be a new operations leader or a seasoned veteran. You may own a small business or oversee a manufacturing or processing operation. Perhaps you’re a Chief Operating Officer who leads operations for a global enterprise. Regardless of your position and the size of your organization, you want to understand:

  • Your operational strengths and weaknesses
  • If your key strategies are effectively driving you towards your vision
  • How effective your core capabilities are in delivering on your customer expectations
  • Where your opportunities are for improvement
  • Whether or not your organization is prepared and engaged to help you deliver on your goals and objectives and provide exceptional customer value long term.

OES’ proven approach will help you understand your current state, arm you with the appropriate information and data you need to make informed decisions, capitalize on opportunities, and help you set the appropriate direction for your continued success. It’s simple, straightforward, and it works.

Operational Transformation Guidance & Management

Do you need to totally transform your operation? A business assessment will help you determine whether you simply need to revitalize your organization to improve performance or head in a totally new direction.

Transformation efforts often demand significant changes that affect everyone in the organization. While change is exciting, it can also be unsettling, uncomfortable, and even frightening. Regardless of its scope, change entails unforeseeable challenges and degrees of risk that must be managed effectively. Before you make the tough choices, talk to an operations veteran who has been there. OES has experience in leading and transforming major operations and can provide you transformation guidance and management support to help you plan, manage, and enact change in an effective, efficient, and successful way.

Strategy Development

Having the right strategy is key to achieving your vision and executing on your mission. Although a vision may stay constant, business and operational strategies must change over time in response to changes in customer needs and expectations, industry trends, advances in technology, or competitive threats.

Being consumed by the day-to-day challenges of running the business, there are times when operations executives and their leadership teams are so busy that it becomes a challenge to stop for a moment to reflex, and determine the changes that are needed in their strategic focus to ensure they stay on track towards their vision.

OES can facilitate working sessions with your leadership team to help you examine your progress towards your vision, review the effectiveness of your operational strategies, and outline the changes that are needed to keep you on the path towards growth and prosperity.

Operating Model Development

Your Operating Model is derived from your overall business vision and strategy. By focusing on the key capabilities needed to support your customer’s needs and expectations it defines how your core processes, enabling technologies, infrastructure, organizational design, and people all work together to deliver on your strategies and achieve your vision.

Operating models must be revisited from time to time in response to the dynamic needs of the business and its customers. Operations Excellence Service’s in-depth operations knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to help you examine your business, understand your current operating model, and assess its ability to support your vision. From there, you can determine if change is needed, and together we can develop the “change right” transformational roadmap.