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Project Portfolio Management

Business and technology leaders work in fast-paced, complex environments in which having facts and data is paramount to making good business decisions.  Daily decision-making becomes even more complex as the number, size, and budgets of projects and programs of work increases as businesses drive to improve their capabilities and expand their products and services to meet the dynamic needs of their customers. Managing a multitude of projects can be challenging and often raises the question: “How can we improve our focus on the initiatives that will help us grow, deliver on our strategic goals and objectives, and achieve our vision?”

Operations Excellence Services works with large financial service firms, insurance companies, and manufacturers, to bring their business and technology leaders together to develop a more strategic and comprehensive approach towards project selection and management. We help leaders develop and implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities, supporting processes, and enabling technologies that are a good fit for their environments. And we work with senior leaders to implement PPM governance structures that provide the right level of guidance, direction, and accountability that help motivate their employees and achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

By tightly integrating PPM with a business’s strategic planning process Operations Excellence can help leaders evolve their strategic planning process from a once-and-done (with multiple revisions) annual event, to a more fluid, ongoing activity that ensures resources are allocated to initiatives based on business priorities, projects are delivering on their promises, course corrections are made more proactively, and the strategies embraced by leadership teams are moving their organizations towards their visions.

Whether its strengthening your current PMO processes and technologies, developing specific PPM capabilities like Demand Management, Capacity Management, and Value-Based Prioritization, or implementing an enterprise-wide PPM process and governance structure, Operations Excellence has the experience and expertise to help.


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